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Monday, Oct 16

Complete Budweiser Concert Series at The Joint schedule!



One thing that has delayed me writing this newsletter is working so hard to catch up on my pin designs, you know us, expect Halloween pins to be issued on Halloween (or later !!)

Here is Halloween, I rejected at least a dozen designs before selecting this one---Available at the Hotel Store, aprox 26th Oct




Halloween Online 

31st Oct

Mr. and Mrs. pins, break apart Limited to 450 Email purchase from the website only. We will send you a notice when these are to be available.


Rock 'n Rods

Nov 1st

 This is a real cool event, up to 200 exotic cars will be on display, we have two stages one in the carshow garage and one out at the HRH pool, showing six different Rockabilly Car bands, such as the Paladins


Rock 'n' Rods Boxed Set---Nov 1st ----LIMITED TO  600  BOXES



Cocktail shaker Girls set

  available aprox Nov 17th

1200 sets sealed in a cocktail shaker.


Rodeo pin 

Dec 1st

This ones very special to the O'l Kingpin, not just because I'm a regular atendee of this fine event but that just happens to be my own logo (cant bust 'em) that I'm lending to the HRH, just this once.




I was happy to have several Chip and Casino collectors with us at Pindex, our Casino tokens have been more furiously collected than the pins this year, if you were not aware each new chip issue sells out completely the same day and are posted on Ebay within hours, sometimes at incredable prices.

So heres what to expect,


Saturday October 14th 10pm 

(thats at night, right between performances of the Picture Show, should be wild)

Rocky Horror 25th Anniversary

2 different

4500 of the $5 design (dr Frank-N-Furter)

500 of the $25 design (Riff Raff)


Sunday October 15th 10am

VH1 Fairway to Heaven

2000 @ $5

(VH1 always picks up 1000 chips)




Sunday October 29th 10am

Halloween 2000

3000 $5 chips

An annual favorite with the collectors



Wednesday November 1st   10am

Rock’ n’ Rods Car Show

Set of 4 $5 ships with package

1600 sets

PINDEX2000 Pindex was a great success, our pin expert Rockola wrote a glowing report and I added a few pictures of some of the attendees. I was gratified that people came from all over to attend, I made some new friends from Japan and caught up with the regulars too.
Rockola's Report

After Pindex 2000

Pindex 2000. It is, it was, without a doubt the biggest event to hit Vegas since Pindex 1999. This years Pindex event went off without a hitch. From the laid back welcome reception at the Beach Club, to the release of our lovely early bird pins, Doris and Micky, to the ending toast to Uncle Dan and auction there after.

It all started on Tuesday, as Hard Rock collectors from around the world gathered to experience Pindex 2000. Indeed, quite a few people just couldn’t wait and had arrived on Monday. The Hotel released the new summer puzzle set, Vegas Vic, and the two new flying V guitars on Tuesday, and they were flying off the shelf.


(This is "Logoholic" all the way from Japan, check out his excellent website http://www.logoholic.com/)  

(your M.C. and Auctioneer, Mr Buck Nekked, thanks for a great job)

Also remember to look for the online version of the summer set coming soon to the online store. At 6pm that evening, the Beach Club opened to all collectors for the meet and greet party. The nightfall of Vegas was the perfect setting, as a clear sky keep cool the earth. It was a much more laxed get-together than last year, as people casually got to meet up with old time traders and friends, and introduce themselves to the new blood of our hobby. The food was more varied and there were tables set up for people to enjoy the scrumptious meal. It was quite the cozy evening.
Wednesday, let the trading begin! Doors opened at 9am, and the trading frenzy started. The hall was full of Pindex attendees from all over. They all had their pins, chips, and bears all out on display to trade, buy or sell. Herrington had the “Evolution of the HRC Bear” display.  

(Chris Herrington)

(Jerry Kritzman of Gift Creations)

  Gift Creations their pin booth, and several chip collectors had dealer tables showing. In the center of it all on display were all the auction items that would find new homes over the course of the event. All kinds of action went on throughout the entire day until we closed the hall at about 6pm. We closed out several silent auctions this day, and concluded the day with a live auction.
Thursday was to be the ending day of Pindex 2000. All the action in the Conference Hall again started at 9am, and just as the day before it was going good. People were making their last deals, and sealing previous ones they had made the day before. Today was a little bit more special however. Near the conclusion of the day, the lights suddenly dimmed. Warwick’s voice then came upon the PA system, and as glasses of champagne were handed out, a tribute to Uncle Dan was recited. It was a very touching moment, one that brought tears to some people’s eyes. At the conclusion, a toast, to Uncle Dan and all that he stood for, represented and established in Hard Rock collecting. The last of the live auctions then began, as items from Dan’s own personal collection were auctioned off.   

(Kenny from Gift Creations gives rare factory prototype pins to lucky number holders)

Jim Haron and  Me have a belt hiding contest (I win) Mrs Kingpin is impressed.


The highlight of the auction was the prototype Uncle Dan teddy bear donated by Herrington and Co. Bidding was furious and within seconds, the bear was up to $1000. But by the time the auctioneer yeller out “SOLD”, the winning bid was $3000!

The cap to the perfect event. Pindex 2000 was without a doubt a memorable event. The collectors enjoyed themselves, had a rockin’ time, and an awesome experience. I think those who attended Pindex 2000 didn’t have any regrets, and believe that all had an awesome time. I hope to see many of you next year, at Pindex 2001, the Pin Oddity!




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