Elite Newsletter, May 2004

Here is what you all have been waiting for. The official announcement that Pindex is NOW OPEN. This year looks to be great as we build upon the success of last years fabulous attendees from all over the world. The response was phenomenal and the interest in this years Pindex has been high. You definitely want to make sure to be there for this years event. Above is the art for the new Pindex 2004 logo, Vegas Sally. The counter part to Vegas Vic from a couple years ago, this kickin' girl will be featured on the event shot glass and event pin, among other possible items. But enough of that, what do you have to do to register for Pindex? Here are the details.


For those staying at the Hard Rock Hotel
The event will take place on Sept. 7th, 8th and 9th 2004. Here's what you get when you stay at the Hard Rock Hotel under the PINDEX group. Please note that by booking a room automatically includes TWO admissions to the full weeks worth of Pindex events.No need to register for the event if you're staying with us at the HRH.
                         A Super Room at a great rate (see below)
                            2 Custom passes to the show (both days)
                            2 free Pindex chips (while supplies last)
                            4 free raffle tickets
                            2 invite's to the Beach Club greeting party, Tuesday evening Sept 7th
                            4 drink tickets

                            Champagne toast
Room registrations are now open!!! Reservations are now being taken by phone ONLY by calling  800-473-7625 (HRD-ROCK). Ask for the PINDEX special rate. Below are the list of rates available for all Pindexters and Pindixies, and how many rooms are being held for the event. Book soon to make sure you don't miss out on any of the Pindex action. Space is limited. And if you feel like spending a little time relaxing at the Hotel after a frenzy of pin trading, check out the action just after Pindex. There's always something going on in Vegas.
These are the prices and how many rooms are available…………..                            
                            Monday Sept 6. $75.00 (Labor Day), 150 rooms held
                            Tuesday Sept 7. $75.00 (Greet Party, evening), 150 rooms held
                            Weds Sept 8. $75.00 (Trading Hall), 150 rooms held
                            Thurs Sept 9. $75.00 (Trading Hall), 150 rooms held
                            Friday Sept 10. $195.00
                            Saturday Sept 11. $195.00


Public admission for locals and other walk-ins will take place the day the events happen. There is NO ADVANCE reservation for walk-in registrations. No need to worry, we can fit you in! Details are: $25 gets the laminate, admission to the greeting party and the Trading Hall for Wednesday and Thursday, and one chip (while supplies last), and 2 drink tix -  $10 gets one day admittance for any one day and one chip (while supplies last).


Earl Bird rooms have officially sold out. They sold out in record time this year. So, are you one of the lucky people to be called a Pindex EARLY BIRD? Yes, there are 77 rooms that qualified, two more than usual. We randomly drew 2 rooms from all registered attendees who were not early birds and upgraded them to early bird status. It was a little bonus we decided to give out. Here's the full list.
1. Abney, Patricia 40. Manriquez, Steve
2. Bentrup, Julie 41. Moore, Donald
3. Bridges, Jon 42. Myers, Pamela
4. Brown, Rebecca 43. Nakamura, Eiji
5. Campbell, Byron 44. Nathan, Dave
6. Candland, Micha 45. Pinard, David
7. Carnahan, Rose 46. Pinard, David
8. Clubb, Jerry 47. Rebhun, "FastFred"
9. Costello, Jim 48. Rose, Greg
10. Coyle, Sandi 49. Roth, William
11. Coyle, Sandi 50. Sageman, Andrew
12. Dang, Sandy 51. Schmidlin, Will
13. Dang, Sandy 52. Schmidlin, Will
14. Daugherty, Rich 53. Schmidlin, Will
15. Douglas, Nancy 54. Schultz, Yale
16. Douglas, Nancy 55. Schuster, Carol
17. Douglas, Nancy 56. Schwartz, Eliza
18. Fazio, Carmen 57. S."Logoholic" Japan
19. Fazio, Carmen 58. Smith, James
20. Fujioki, Cheryl 59. S."Mickey" Japan
21. Gipson, Melodie 60. Stevens, Philli
22. Guillory, Marya 61. Stevenson, Sean
23. Hall, John 62. Stevenson, Sean
24. Hanson, Mike 63. Sullivan, Daniel
25. Happe, Lori 64. Sullivan, Grego
26. Harber, David 65. Terrill, Michael
27. Harber, Debra 66. Terry, Floyd
28. Heron, James 67. Theveny, Scott
29. Heron, James 68. Vople, Kent
30. Heron, James 69. Vuoso, Dino
31. Holley, Pat 70. Walter, Lori
32. Jicha, Dawna 71. Waterfield, Jack
33. Lau, Kevin 72. Wetegrove, Sara
34. Lau, Kevin 73. White, Scott
35. Lau, Kevin 74. White, Scott
36. Lester, Charles 75. Williams, Micha
37. Lester, Charles 76. Williams, Mike
38. Leventhal, Susan 77. Yee, David
39. Leventhal, Susan  


Here's what the whole place is gonna look like (well, at least the trading hall). The trading hall is sure to be packed full of people this year. DEALER TABLES SOLD OUT IN THREE DAYS THIS YEAR. There is a waiting list for tables in case there are any cancellations. Get on the list by calling Andrea at 702-693-5533 or at First come, first served. Table layout is below, who are you next to this year?
There it is everybody!!! The big Pindex 2004 announcement. Now all you have to do is go and book your room and get ready for the big event, what has become the WORLDS LARGEST Annual Hard Rock Collectors event. So what are you waiting for, GO, book your room before it's too late and you miss the Early Bird. Hurry, GO NOW, Sally will be waiting for you in Vegas............
No details have been worked out as far as any of the retail items or chips other than the logo above. This will all be announced in the coming months before the event. Keep you email box open as news comes down the line.
As usual, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, slander, or whatever, well, you know where to reach me. See you in Vegas

Love Peace

© Copyright 2004 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas